About us

PSPPD Phase I: 2007-2012

In its first five years, the PSPPD contributed significantly to the establishment of a government-wide evaluation system and undertook a number of capacity-building activities, including training interventions, study tours and exchange programmes, in order to develop a cadre of researchers and policy-makers with a deeper understanding of household dynamics and poverty to enable more informed EBPM. The PSPPD also awarded 13 research grants through its first Call for Proposals and funded various other smaller research projects, as well as many conferences and workshops.

PSPPD Phase II: 2012-2017

Phase II of the Programme leveraged the knowledge and experience gained in the first phase, continuing to build capacity for, strengthen, and promote the use of EBPM, while growing the body of scholarship that uses empirical evidence and expanding quantitative analysis skills through its research grants and capacity-building activities.