Research project on inequality in South Africa

The Research project on inequality in South Africa sought to produce research papers that unpacked the structural nature of inequality in the country and explored its drivers in order to contribute to the body of scholarship on inequality in South Africa.

Using survey data focused on highly specialised thematic areas relevant for South Africa’s policies on poverty and inequality, researchers were required to undertake three sets of activities. The first was to take stock of the existing research on inequality in South Africa and the existing research community in the country. Off the base of what was known already, the second set of activities was then to produce five papers that filled in key gaps in the existing knowledge base, including:

  1. Interrogating the drivers of inequality
  2. Mobility and the middle class
  3. Social cohesion and inequality
  4. The vulnerable in the labour market
  5. Possible policy interventions to deal with structural inequality

Given the importance in South Africa of reducing inequality, the third task was to produce five policy briefs out of this research as the basis for engagements with the policy community over the consolidated findings of the project.